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At Moraga Immo,

we make buying a home an exciting adventure! We offer a comprehensive service to find your dream home, including a special bonus: we will even reimburse your travel and accommodation costs up to €1,000 when buying a new-build property.

For new-build homes, we strive to stay within your budget and requirements. We are very flexible and adapt quickly if your preferences change. In addition, we keep you informed of the construction progress with photos and videos so that you can follow the process closely. Together, we select the materials that perfectly match your dream home and make sure everything runs smoothly in collaboration with a lawyer of your choice for your legal support. And after the purchase? Our after service is ready for you, so you have a point of contact to fall back on even after the purchase.

Our commitment is part of our identity

But we are also fully committed to existing homes! We help you find your ideal home and guide you during viewings. From getting to know your preferences like the inside of our hand to tracking down properties that feel like they were made just for you, we are committed to making your dream home a reality. And when it comes to negotiations and paperwork, we’re by your side every step of the way. If required, we will even arrange a thorough inspection, together with you and by a professional.

And as a bonus, you can even rent out your property through Moraga Rentals, for both short and long periods. Let’s find your dream home together and have an unforgettable adventure!